shibori for your viewing pleasure

Now I have had a loving relationship with shibroi for quite some time. I remember the first time I tie-dyed a t-shirt at ‘camp’ back in the pre-teen years // yes we ARE talking rainbow spirals in the early 90’s!  I loved it, and begged mum to re-create the magic as soon as I got homeContinue reading “shibori for your viewing pleasure”

Just one of those days…

So today was a bit disastrous: queue emotional breakdown and pass the tissues! Weeks of pre-deadline weird sleeping patterns, an even weirder diet (we’re talking lots and lots of cookies, ice cream, peanut butter sandwiches at midnight, and on one occassion an entire block of blue cheese…)oh and having LITERALLY NO SOCIAL LIFE finally caughtContinue reading “Just one of those days…”