Super Sunday – smashing through the garments is definitely a team effort!

SO Alyce and pulled out all the stops today to get everything cut out and ready to spend the next week sewing at lightening speed!  In an epic session that lasted from 10am to 8:30pm we managed to get all the toiles finalised, everything is now cut out and ready to sew and after sitting on the floor for the majority of the afternoon/evening – both Alyce and I are feeling very decrepit!


Concentrating on the task at hand


Alyce smashing it out on the sewing machine


  Shorts cut out and ready to sew



A little bit of chocolate to get us through the afternoon!


Roll out the gold carpet! 5mts of gold lame are just as spectacular as you might think – kitteh thought so too!


Pondering the next step!


The last little scraps of beautifulness

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