Goose fair – home to cheap thrills – hot donuts and mushy peas & chips with mint sauce

So it really has taken me this long to write a blog post – SOZ ABOUT IT!

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks:

–       I turned 27

–       I met long lost family in London

–       I was shown around London by my amazing newly found family members (thanks John and Joan)

–       I moved to Nottingham

–       I was scared by the university “fresher” culture in Nottingham

–       I sussed out some of the copious drinking establishments in Nottingham

–       I got bronchitis because of getting a little too excited about said drinking establishments

–       I found a wonderful Victorian terrace house in the suburb of Mapperly

–       I have an attic bedroom with a skylight in said house

–       I started classes and realised that I had already covered what they were teaching

–       I changed courses to Fashion Knitwear

–       I love fashion knitwear

–       I went to the GOOSE FAIR (see below)

–       I saw my bestest friend in the whole world and we went to Dublin together (love you Fran)

–       I stayed with the most wonderful Irish lass in the whole world (thanks Sheila)

–       I went to Birmingham on a day trip

–       I bought a lot of things in Birmingham

–       I have missed my beloved friends and family (and little grey fur baby)

–       I am currently working through an addiction to Friday Night Lights (watch at your own risk)

Tomorrow I am venturing to London on a day trip – Yay – Unfortunately purchasing cheap tickets requires me to get up at 4:30AM – Boo –

I am going to the Knitting and Stitching Show and also (all going according to plan) going to hit up the V&A FINALLY – that’s right folks, my lifelong dream of seeing the V&A collection is soon to be a reality!!

I will try really hard to blog sooner – probs to let you know what Trent university life is like and also to rub in your faces how awesome the V&A was!!



Bobbies on the beat – seriously they look exactly like on The Bill!!


Throw a dart win a large stuffed wild feline


Guinness related art – everything seems to come back to drinking in Ireland and I am definitely OK with that!


Guinness at the Guinness factory – lets just say it is an acquired taste we are yet to acquire!

DSC08200An ivy covered facade in Dublin – such a quaint and beautiful city despite all the turmoil it has seen over the years!

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