Millie does RAW Artists Melbourne // REVEAL

…So I was recently scouted to participate in this wonderful project run by RAW Artists International.

RAW promote up and coming artists and give them a global platform – Millie will be showcasing on the runway this FRIDAY 12th August.


Above: my sewing table and inspiration wall…

The theme of my collection is Harvest & Preserve //Β In times, not so long ago, when there was a glut of any one thing in the garden, it was preserved, packaged away and kept for weeks, months, years, decades in a cool, dark pantry. We currently have a huge glut of over production in the textiles and fashion industry // it is one of the most wasteful industries and with consumer driven demand for cheaper // faster // better clothing the amount of textiles ending up in landfill is rapidly increasing. With food waste and garment waste contributing an insane amount to environmental damage it is time for a shake up, starting from the ground up – LITERALLY!

>>> Wear what you grow, grow what you eat and preserve both! <<<


Above: veggie chip print turned into overalls…

I truly believe ANYONE can get hold of soil, sun and water and grow a portion of their own food!

It is time for us to all to start shopping ethically for both food and clothing and become truly conscious of where we are buying from, who it supports and take the time to preserve our food and our wardrobes. Millie intends to make sure we look freaking awesome while doing so!

The collection is built from textile designs created with watercolour, collage and inks, all reflecting different ways of eating or preserving our home harvest. There are green smoothies, marmalade, tomato sugo, sweet violet syrup, drying herbs, rhubarb champagne and dehydrated veggie chips.

All the clothes are made in my own size so I can practice what I preach and where what I grow! Garments can be custom ordered // email to inquire.

Ticket sales end tonight at 5pm (Click HERE to buy one)




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