Pa’ Arriba

This wearable art piece was inspired by my time spent living in Mexico and the constant and joyous celebrations I witnessed when I was there.

Handcrafted using a traditional Japanese Kumo Shibori technique, the resulting ‘stars’ were hand painted in the Mosca rainbow – echoing the shape, colour and texture of the exuberant fireworks displays so common in Mexican celebrations. Underneath sits a giant crystal-clear pinata inspired under skirt, filled with pompom fluff (aka the off-cut fluff left behind when pompoms are hand shaped), glitter, confetti and toys.

Having been exhibited in the 2016 Fred Hates Fashion x VAMFF exhibition in March, this piece is hopefully destined to travel to Mexico later in the year as part of the 10th International Shibori Symposium in Oaxaca (for which it was designed and made!).

Photography: the extraordinary Rod Pilbeam Photography

Model: the gorgeous Carmen Li






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