Illness + Deadlines + Kittehs = Mild Panic (mild only because there are kittehs involved)

So because my body is really in tune with my brain and realised that I have a huge deadline coming up in 2 weeks time – thus requiring my full and undivided attention in order to get everything ship shape and perfected for FRED HATES FASHION (which at the moment feels like it may never happen!) … old mate body decided it should have a little holiday!


I am knitting a massive cardigan by hand, which I would normally have knitted by machine – but that might have been a bit too sensible! I also have a few of meters of fabric to tie with kumo shibori technique and then hand paint ready to give to my wonderful partner so we can get garments sewn and trimmed and pimping…now this would have – in an ideal world – be completed by now but reality is, when your lungs are packing in and your head feels like it is going to explode, cuddles on the couch with kitteh surrounded by a sea of out of control yarn and endless TV series playing in the background are pretty much all this little munchkin could manage!!

I did drag myself into the kitchen to open a can of hot chilli beans, pour it over some chips with my first ever batch of cheese sauce and some avocado for chilli cheese fries madness – IT WILL DEFINITELY NOT BE THE LAST TIME I MAKE THOSE BABIES (although I’m pretty sure my hips would prefer I shouted otherwise!!)

So now I have dosed up on cold tablets, swigged on my bottle of olive leaf extract and smashed down some garlic and horseradish – my voice is back, I am back at work and the little illness-shaped-hiccup my body tried to throw me off course with has made me even more determined to get our runway pieces looking CAPITAL ‘H’ – Hot!!!

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