SO those of you who know me will be well aware of the fact that I am a self confessed cat lady – I love them – often not mutually – I will cross a busy street to try to coax them into a pat – it doesn’t matter how late I am running I always have time to try to woo a kittie into a bit of crazy cat lady lovin (this often involves talking to them gently so I apologise if you have ever walked past me doing this and it makes you feel uncomfortable).

This is a little bit sad because those who know cats realise such attempts of friendship towards stray felines is usually futile – even tame felines – heck even my OWN feline who I feed twice a day (and sometimes more because I shower him with so much love and I also know he will trip me over and go for my jugular if I don’t).

Therefore it is not at all surprising looking back at my photos over the past 5 months of Europe adventures – that there are many MANY cat photos! I apologise, not all of them are very good quality.

Anyway – enjoy

Xx M

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