shibori for your viewing pleasure

Learning from the masters at Arimatsu, Nagoya JAPAN

Now I have had a loving relationship with shibroi for quite some time.

I remember the first time I tie-dyed a t-shirt at ‘camp’ back in the pre-teen years // yes we ARE talking rainbow spirals in the early 90’s!  I loved it, and begged mum to re-create the magic as soon as I got home – thank fully mum has a full dye studio so of course we could twist up t-shirts in rubber bands and squeeze dye all over them with ease…lets just say Christmas that year was every wanna-be hippie’s delight (and most family member’s awkward grimace)

Shoot forward to the Arimatsu Shibori festival in Japan 2013 – there mum and I were, trawling the market stalls for super cheap kimonos and learning dye resist techniques from the Shibori masters. So when I see little articles like this I of course want to share it with the world – because everyone needs more natural indigo and traditional Japanese textiles in their life! So embrace the tie dye, and if you want some in your life let me know and I can recreate some for you, because I can’t get enough of it myself!!

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