where for art thou…motivation?!

It’s funny how motivation seems to come in waves and troughs. Since the Craft Hatch market I’ve been barely able to bring myself to enter my studio – other than to water my house plants and occasionally throw more things on my desk that don’t fit in the rest of the house.  I keep writing myself lists of things I should be making and then poking my head into my studio full of good intentions….then closing the door and walking away again. I’m not sure exactly why. I love making, I love sewing and cutting and painting and plotting and planning and playing and yet…I just can’t get myself in there and activated!

Something even stranger has happened! As my creative motivation wanes my fitness motivation is now at an all-time high. I have been attending regular personal training sessions and downloaded the NIKE trainer app, I’ve been attending classes and making sure to exercise 4-5 times per week. The pinnacle of this sudden fitspiration came when my partner and I signed up to run 10ks in the Melbourne Marathon on October 18th.

Big deal right? Well For someone who refused to run the cross country in high school and has only really run to catch public transport since, it is a massive deal. Maybe it’s because I am turning 29 next month, or maybe it’s because my dad has just had some rather startling news about the condition of his heart and I’m feeling determined not to let myself end up in the same boat, either way I’m feeling determined and focused on getting to that finish line.

In the mean time I need to find some middle ground so Millie gets the attention she deserves and the online shop I started making a couple of weeks ago can get some traction! If anyone has any pointers, or even some pointy shoes that can be used to kick me up the bum and get me back in the zone, feel free to unleash on me!

PS the featured image is of my wonderful Grandma and I, looking at her amazing water colour botanical paintings. Grandma is one of the most prolific artists you could ever meet – if only it were hereditary!!


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