oh HI 2016

It’s motherflipping 2016 already!

I am so thankful for everything that came to pass in 2015, it hasn’t all been rainbows and butterflies but what would life be like if it didn’t have a few hurdles anyway?!

2015 was the first year I got semi-kinda-almost-mainly serious about Millie Mosca  becoming a proper money making business – more so than ever before.

I also met and got engaged to my future husband who is so 100% behind what I do and who I am and wants nothing more than for Millie to kick it. What’s more we are plotting and planning our world domination combining our skills to create our own little business empire in the not too distant future! Go check out his instagram page @farmerdom1983

I have written the usual list of do’s and dont’s, affirmations and chastising, dreams, goals and plans of attack for 2016 :::

eat more vegetables

dont’ drink so much

but do drink more water

cut back on watching so much television

cook at home more

try more restaurants

practice mindfulness and thankfulness daily

lose some kilos, exercise, get fit and strong again

get my drivers licence before I turn 30 in September (yeah I’m still on my L’s)

but the very biggest one of all ::: to make Millie into the biggest, bestest boldest, brightest, most beautifullest beast I can this year!

First step? My online store is actually truly really becoming a reality 😀


Happy New Year Moscas, lots and lots of love



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