Millie Mosca is BACK!

Hello again lovelies!

This weekend I decided to take the plunge and start damn-well making use of my blog! I have been putting it off and telling all and sundry I am not disciplined enough to be a blogger but the truth is – I AM!!

2016-05-16 08.41.52

I’ve been reading this ace book The Handmade Marketplace: How to Sell your crafts locally, globally & online by Kari Chapin and a posse of other awesome crafters – I read it on my way to and from a visit to my Grandmama’s house (who is one of the most prolific crafter/artist/knitter/sewer/botanical illustrators I know) and this wonderful feeling bubbled up – I just felt so inspired! Some sweet combination of the book and my amazing Grandmama’s company created this flash of creative energy, so I immediately started writing a list of all the things I have going on that I can write about – the truth is – there is a heck of a lot of material raring to go!

So I wrote a pros and cons list to help me knuckle down:

Pro – it gives me a chance to focus on the what, where and why of Millie and to commemorate all the successes and failures of my progress. Otherwise I won’t analyse what I am doing and bumble onwards without holding myself accountable.

Pro – I can start to build a craft community around me – or tap into the already well-established ones which I am becoming increasingly conscious of my need for. It also gives me a chance to float ideas to an audience that will tell me what-for if I am on the mark or not!

Pro – I will have to focus on what I am doing and enforce a discipline to sit down and make writing and reflection a part of my daily routine.

Con/probably Pro too – I will not be able to binge watch anywhere near as much television as I currently do (sorry Arrow, Fresh Prince & Longmire – it’s not you it’s me!)

I’m pretty sure the pros win!

You’ll be seeing a lot more of me my darling Moscas



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